Re: Inter Active

From: Justin Mason (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 04:52:58 PDT

Joseph S Barrera III said:

> Nope, I am TOTALLY out of date regarding games.
> The last games I really played were in undergrad,
> which is to say, Centipede and nethack.
> But since I refuse to become an old fart, I guess it's time to take
> your recommendations and get caught up...
> Hey, at least I'm running Linux and know what an rpm is :-)

Well, that's the first problem -- most of the good commercial games are
totally Windows-based nowadays, and the Linux ports are kind of at the
"well I can play it, so that's OK" level of installability :(

If you want to avoid rebooting into Windows to play something, buy the
Linux version of the games from Loki. You'll save an immense amount of
hassle with installing this, tweaking that, getting driver X for the
other, etc... but fundamentally, if you want to keep down the difficulty
of the install experience, in most cases it's easier to just get the
Windows version.

In terms of games, I'd recommend Strikeforce, the mod for Half-Life. It's
a totally excellent counter-terrorism simulation mod (but totally
Windows-only unfortunately). For a totally cool "action movie"-style
multiplayer FPS game, Action Quake 2 is neat; I like the idea of flying
kicks in a first-person shooter :) I haven't played any of the more recent
Action mods, like Action Half-Life etc. Hopefully they stick with the
"action movie" concept though. Great fun for multiplayer deathmatch.

BTW I haven't played any of TomW's list. But that's just 'cos I'm trying
to stay away from long-term-play games so's I can hold onto some of my
free time. ;)


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