Re: Munchkins amongst the grunts

From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 21:06:18 PDT

> The "infrastructure-free" radio network will be based on
> the Linux operating system and will support multiple StrongARM

This is so funny, the Defense department, a hierarchical organization if
there ever was one, is going for the anarchistic discovery-based LAN and GPL
Linux OS. I bet there will be Open Source encryption used, too. These
people are not stupid. Not like the IRS and the FAA (air traffic).

DARPA, the people who brought you the Pluribus. Pluribus was
a drastically hardened and redundant Lockheed Sue-processor
system that was used as the earliest IMP and SIMP nodes (the non-host nodes)
in the ARPANET. I, like, um, debugged some of those boards. From my
cradle, of course :-)

Pluribus story. To demo the Pluribus to some Washington types, the BBN crew
took a proto apart, shipped it to Washington, and set it up. (Think of six
tall refridgerators) It booted and immediately resumed running the test
program that it had been running in Cambridge. They tried and failed to get
control of it, finally having to turn the whole thing off and disconnect
storage--which was magnetic cores which are non-volatile.


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