Re: MSFT Communications as buggie as their software

From: peterjkilby (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 13:54:35 PDT

This story gets better ;-)

                       Dear Member,
                       Firstly if you who have already migrated to MSN
 FreeWeb, please ignore this communication.
                       If you have not yet migrated please follow the
 steps which will be outlined to you in our next email shortly.
> We are aware that the links we sent you earlier
> did not work as intended with some customers. We are resolving this
> issue and will be sending you a new email with a new link shortly
> allowing you to migrate easily. To ensure all MSN customers have time
> to migrate we have moved the migration date. We will notify you of the
> new date shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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> Email sent out yesterday March 26th
> What if I don't upgrade?
> If you do not upgrade to MSN FreeWeb, you will be unable to access the
> Internet or your email until you do so. If you forget to upgrade before
> March 18th 2001 call the MSN help line on 0870 601 1000.

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