Re: Personal Metadata Service

From: Adam L. Beberg (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 15:35:20 PDT

This looks really, really, familiar. Oh yea, that's right, everyone on this
mailing list implemented this ages ago.

I'd like to see them try and patent this one :)

- Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Jim Whitehead wrote:
> Edward Swierk, Emre K?c?man, Vince Laviano and Mary Baker
> Proceedings of the Third IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and
> Applications, Monterey, California, December 2000.
> Abstract:
> People now have available to them a diversity of digital
> storage devices, including palmtops, cell phone address
> books, laptops, desktop computers and web-based services.
> Unfortunately, as the number of personal data repositories
> increases, so does the management problem of ensuring that
> the most up-to-date version of any document is available to
> the user on the storage device he is currently using. We
> introduce the Roma personal metadata service to make it
> easier to locate current file versions and ensure their availability
> across different repositories. This centralized service
> stores information about each of a userís files, such
> as name, location, timestamp and keywords, on behalf of
> mobility-aware applications. Separating out these metadata
> from the data respositories makes it practical to keep
> the metadata store on a highly available, portable device.
> In this paper we describe the design requirements, architecture
> and current prototype implementation of Roma.

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