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Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 12:21:37 PDT

Here's a fun way to use GPS:


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> Tony Finch wrote:
> > Yes, but consume is intended to suppoprt mobile computers so how do
> > you define their location in order to give them an IP address?
> 1) GPS. No, really. As long as you can't do mutual time-of-flight
> it's the way to go.
> 2) Address constraints from the neighbour node(s). Geodetic DHCP
> (assignment of address/position plus uncertainty mask). This
> way the mobile node doesn't have to have a positioning system
> onboard (but what's the big deal these days?).
> It's a bit of handwaving, but I think it can be made to work.

Cool, now I have a Reason to buy a GPS unit (besides


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