If you toast it, it will rain

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From: Jon Callas <jon@callas.org>
Subject: Find a Need and Fill It

Inventor creates world's first weather-forecasting toaster

An inventor has created the world's first weather-forecasting toaster.

Robin Southgate's toaster is linked to a weather forecast website and
browns the bread using different stencils.

The machine can produce images of clouds, sun or rain by using stencils
that mask part of the slice while the rest carries on being toasted

Mr Southgate, a design student at Brunel University, said: "It works with
brown, but it's best with white - but it should work with any bread."

The bread is toasted until the last half-minute when an electric motor
inside the toaster rolls out the stencil in front of the bread.

A modem inside the toaster regularly consults a website with up-to-date
weather information, the BBC reports.


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