From: Justin Mason (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 04:39:09 PDT

Stephen D. Williams said:

> Have any of you noticed how, with older versions of Netscape, MS
> authored sites had mangled "'", and '"' that showed up as '?'?
> Obviously MS is using non-ascii characters to get fancy matching quotes
> that Unix Netscape was having trouble mapping correctly. I think this
> was finally 'fixed' in newer Netscape's.

Yep, it looks totally bizarre, esp. for trademark symbols etc. You get
great effects like (using a press release as an example 'cos it *always*
shows up there):

  With new MagicSoftware?s MagiFixing? one-click?? system, users can
  immanentize the eschaton blah blah etc. Foo said, ?it?s great?.

I've heard this, and other similar "features" such as rabidly specifying
Windows fonts in FONT tags, referred to as MSHTML.

However there's a package out there somewhere called "demoronizer" which
will make the HTML cross-platform again; also if I recall correctly, more
recent versions of MS software do a better job of working cross-platform.


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