Re: FoRK COMPAQ and all their seed unto the Nth generation

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 10:17:51 PDT

I agree... Compaq is 'banned for life'. They're following in TI's PC
footsteps. I recommend retail-store buyers go for HP which has never
caused me problems. I recently purchased a nice 1.5Ghz Pentium 4 HP at
Costco in Honolulu to replace a pair of Compaqs that had had problems
nonstop since inception.

On a similar note, MCI is banned for life also.

MS, ... you get the idea. (Of course MS is going to be a necessary
'evil' for a while.)

My personal lemon law. They've earned 50 years or so of disparagement
from me.


Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> <vent>
> Right, well, COMPAQ is now off my list of approved
> vendors for my personal computing needs. Forever,
> barring something akin to a miracle.
> They have decided that my 3-year extension warranty
> expires on the anniversary of system delivery, NOT
> x-warranty purchase, which shortens the term by more
> than four months and differs from the verbal explanation
> given me when I bought the x-warranty.
> Their only suggestion was that I contact the rep
> who sold me the warranty -- almost 3 years ago! -- and
> ask him why he misled me.
> So now I have about six weeks of warranty coverage left,
> rather than seventeen. Maybe I will get the last nagging
> problems fixed w/in the term and maybe not (time is my
> enemy), but I definitely am NOT well-disposed toward
> COMPAQ's laptop division, and have no intention of ever
> buying anything from them again. And at least until I
> cool down, I *do* have the intention of letting others
> know what I think of COMPAQ. Which is "Buy Alpha servers,
> but not directly from COMPAQ, and do not buy anything else
> from COMPAQ under any circumstances unless you are a masochist."
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