Former Yahoo CEO 'Outed' As eBay User

From: Jeff Barr (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 09:34:09 PDT

So much for practicing what you preach:

Former Yahoo CEO 'Outed' As eBay User
by Andy Roe
April 9, 2001, 3 p.m. PT

One of the attractions of online auctions is the anonymity that they
provide. But just because buyers and sellers are known by their usernames
doesn't mean that anonymity is necessarily guaranteed.

Just ask "virginiadude."

That's the eBay username of former Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle, who last week was
"outed" by the Washington Post as an eBay user--meaning that Koogle, 49,
likes to shop on the online auction leader's site.

According to the Post, after stepping down as Yahoo's CEO on March 7 (right
after the company posted poor revenues), Koogle bought several items on
eBay, including an Aston Martin for $130,000, a black Versace leather wallet
for $154.59, and more.

News of Koogle's online auction habits--that is, his bypassing Yahoo
Auctions in favor of eBay--caused more than a few snickers in the AW Message

"If he had just purchased the car on eBay I could understand," said reston
ray in a Message Center thread. "Not many options for buying that item [on
Yahoo Auctions]. But it looks like he is a regular shopper for all sorts of
things. AND he got out bid on a pair of jeans! Now that's funny! Sort of
like finding out that Sam Walton did all his shopping at Sears."

One AW member reported that Koogle changed his eBay username after it became
public knowledge. Another user complained that such information invaded
Koogle's privacy and should have never been made public in the first place.

The Post said it contacted Koogle via email to get his comments and received
the following reply: "I don't appreciate this invasion of privacy and would
respectfully ask you to refrain from publishing any supposed transactions.

The Post's response? "Invasion of privacy? Come on, dude, it's the World
Wide Web!"

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