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The Market Watch
News Flash; Important Press Release

April 10, 2001

Shares Outstanding 30,206,897
Float 7,848,617
Recent Price $.34
52 week high $6.00

Over the past 6-10 months INVU has started a successful rollout of its
products and established a strategy for growth through organic
expansion and acquisitions. Evidenced by what Mr. David Morgan,
CEO of INVU called ``One of the fastest growing and now largest
partner channels in the UK with over 75 re-sellers all selling and
marketing our product,'' Adding that INVU is planning for global
expansion, especially into the US. Solid foundations are in place to
meet aggressive sales targets for 2001 and INVU has won world class
FLEMINGS BANK, and many others.

INVU is a company that has found a vital niche in the electronic
Document Management field that represents a worldwide market of
potentially Billions of dollars. The Company develops and sells
software (under the brand name INVU) for the electronic management
of many types of information and documents such as forms,
correspondence, literature, faxes, technical drawings, electronic files
and web pages. Management believes that the INVU software is simple,
intuitive, and cost effective, yet powerful.

The Company's objective is to establish itself as a leading supplier of
information and document management software and services in the
world. For its professional range of products, INVU Series 100, Series
200 ViewSafe, and Series 2000 (formerly WEBFAST), the Company
targets its marketing efforts in the United Kingdom and the United
States on SME's and departmental users in organizations distributors
and resellers. For its personal user (SOHO - small office / home
office) market, the Company sells through software retailers for
INVU WebServant and FileServant.

The unique INVU product line allows documents of any size to be
stored in computer memory and retrieval immediately. It has developed
a unique integration technology, which allows INVU to link to any other
standard software package, such as accounts or CAD. INVU's products
have literally taken the market by storm, which has the company
projecting profitability this fiscal year.

The stock has been as high as $6.00 on the high end and is currently
trading at around $.34. At this time there is an opportunity for huge
upside potential and profits. For further information about INVU a
series of interviews have been conducted in real audio with Mr. David
Morgan, CEO of INVU Inc., that can be accessed at in-depth interviews discuss the
company's plans for growth, competitive advantages and penetration
into new markets.

Disclaimer: The Market Watch newsletter is committed to providing its
readers with factual information on selected publicly traded companies.
This profile is neither an offer nor solicitation to buy or sell
any securities mentioned. The statements made are believed
to be factual and accurate and approved by INVU Inc. The
user assumes all risks as to the accuracy of this document and
is suggested to do their own research. The Market Watch
newsletter has been paid with 141,000 free trading shares of (INVU)
from a third party for distributing public information on a mass media
basis. The Market Watch newsletter reserves the right to buy or sell
their stock at any time without prior notice. This stock is very
speculative and all investors should be aware of the risk of loss
of your investment.

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