wireless nets - generic nodes

From: Chuck Murcko (chuck@topsail.org)
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 09:02:00 PDT

It occurs to me the best place to bash this idea to see if it's insane
might be here.

Consider the community wireless network.

Wouldn't a caching, multiprotocol proxy server be a useful generic node
for this type of net, caching for its local omnidirectional coverage
area? And well connected to the wired net, geht's ohne zu sagen.

Gateways are another obviously useful generic node, and a proxy node
needs to be a gateway, at least for itself.

The thing that makes this work IMM is that the wireless medium can be
*much* less reliable than wired. And helping keep the backbone traffic
down is a win in wireless nets.

There might be some new life for an old idea here in these community
networks, at less than Akamai or WAP cache scaling levels.

Heck, a caching proxy might be useful to build into wireless hubs, for
that matter.


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