Games for Linux Tibes 2 and Alpha Centuri

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 11:21:49 PDT

Good news to games who cant or wont use the gatesian games machine

Both get two thumbs up(pc version anyway) from me. Tribes 2 makes Quake
III seem flat and boring. Anything by Sid Myers makes my mind and body
ache for days.

Now if some one ill just put Black and White up there id be happy.

Ok, so the question is, is anyone going to buy these (tribes two in
particular) and who is going to take me on? You get the game, ill set up
the server, FINALY tomwhore will kick some fork butt.

SOme one call Timmy, I need an ass to stomp on.:)-

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