Re: recycled rant from another list

Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 13:18:29 PDT

"Stephen D. Williams" wrote:

> It's not impossible, just a pain and you have to avoid certain functions
> in certain contexts.

It is a pain=impossible. Remember, there's no license to program.
Any idiot can do it. There are many idiots out here. Most go into
IT. By rights everybody should have read and understood the wizard
book before allowed to sit down in front of a keyboard. Plus, pay
$100 out of his own pocket if someone reports a reproducible bug.
> There is a version of gcc that catches buffer overruns as soon as they
> happen, for more secure daemons.

*Must* I use it? No, I *can*. See above. Cloppity-clop goes the nth Rider
of the Apocalypse.
> ...
> > > THEN why do we run privileged internet-accessible services written in C?
> Because it's more efficient that most alternatives and most relavent
> idioms are easily available.

More efficient is a myth. Because we've always been doing it that way is
more the reason.

> > Never trust someone who learned to code on a computer with more then 32KB of
> > RAM.
> 1st computer: 4k handheld, basic
> 2nd computer: 16k Atari400 w/cassette basic, 6502 assembly, forth, lisp,
> small C ("Deep Blue C"), etc.
> 3rd computer: 32k Atari pre-1200xl w/floppy, 300 baud modem, etc.

Never trust a programmer, period.

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