Re: Microsoft's Astounding Arrogance

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Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 15:05:09 PDT

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

--]With devices like this (apparently there's no company site):
--] **DAV311 MP3/VCD/CD Player 2 x AA Rechargeable battery, Earphone,
--]Remote Control, Audio & Video Cable

Rio Volt

The mp3 support on most of the other ones like the DAV311 usualy only goes
down to 64/44, where as the real payoff is at 32/22 and 2x/22 , this is
the land of spoken word, audio books and Old time radio.

--](Does anyone have any idea if this thing works well enough? Notice that
--]it has VCD support! The DAV310 model had long pauses between audio MP3

VCD is not that hard. Heck a buddy of mine who went to Bruni about 5
years ago got a sony cd/vcd player. Its all just MPEG decoding with a tv
out. No big shakes. Over is the pacific countries they have had players
liek this for a while.

Why we dont get them over here is because we give the power of choice to
the Gov and its big donation pupeters. Same for double decker vcrs and
other cool tech. Yea, lets give the gov more of our choices...pulease.

--]How long is any resistance against MP3 going to last?

Resistence is futile. But once again it all depnds onf the USER and not
the legisaltion. Do as you will, make a noise with action.

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