Re: New evidence casts doubt on global warming

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 08:12:34 PDT

Ya know it puzzles me. Why arent we going after the greedy corprate
poluters who are responisble for previous environmental damage in hopes
that it will deter them from doing more in the present and future? Do
the crimes against our protective loving Mother Earth have a statute of
limitation? I thought not.

The last big Ice Age, from whcih we are still recovering, must have been
because of something humans did. Mother Nature would not have gone into
such imbalance on her own. It is clear that the meddling greed of humans
are at th root of this.

So....For the last big Ice Age....I think we need to levy large fines on
the top 10 manufacturing interests and impose retroactive levys on all
first world countrys with current consumptive requirments above the
golobal average. It is only fair that those who benifited form the outcome
of the damage should have to pay for it.

Also..For the wanton destruction of the indeginous saurian population..We
need to impose heavy fines and levys on all first world powers. We also
need to start give back programs and create human free zones in order that
the saurian poulation, or thier direct decendants , may reclaim what was
taken away from them by obvious mamillian manipultion. Hey hey ho ho
TransEpocial Segregation has got to go.....

This is just a short list of demands to repay those spiecies and land
masse who have been displaced .

SOmetime soon there will be a postion paper released to address the needs
of displaced rock and crystaline structures that routinely are demonized
with terms such as "earthquake" and "destructive force of nature" when we
all know it is a humancentric plot to subjigate out mineral brothers and

Free Tectonic PLates NOW!

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