Re: New evidence casts doubt on global warming

From: Robert Harley (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 09:58:47 PDT

Jay Thomas wrote:

That page ends with:

>Some researchers suspect the fault may again lie with the ground-based
>temperature measurements. They say many of the data come from stations
>surrounded by growing urban sprawl, whose warmth could give a
>misleading figure. A study of data taken around Vienna, Austria,
>between 1951 and 1996 found that the air temperature rose by anything
>from zero to 0.6C, depending on precisely where the measurements were

Actually, global warming is largely due to increased air traffic; all
those big jets pumping out hot air as they take off... Hint: many of
the temperature sensors are located at airports.

I was amused to read a report in Nature (IIRC) a few years ago
retracting some sweeping conclusions about ozone concentrations.
Apparently they had been based on measurements taken on daily flights
from a US base in the Antarctic. The concentration actually varies
considerably every 24 hours as the sun wobbles along the horizon.
Turns out the trends observed over the years were due to drift in the
time the plane took off.

Sea levels are supposed to rise and swamp some low-lying Caribbean
islands over a century or several. Some rise was predicted to be
measurable by the end of the nineties. Actually sea levels fell
minutely in the Caribbean.

And so it goes.

Most amusing, to me, is how droughts, floods, storms, warm periods,
cold periods te cetera ad nauseum are all due to global warming.

How to cash in on the mania? That's what I wanna know. :)


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