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From: Udhay Shankar N (udhay@pobox.com)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 04:23:52 PDT


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Announcing Anuvaad: Hindi Translation of the Perl Manual Set

In an attempt to help with internationalization of everybody's
favourite scripting language, we launch the Anuvaad project to
translate the Perl manual set into Hindi.

This project is co-ordinated by Frank Pohlmann of Wrox India (a
technical publishing house), and a team of motley hackers and
linguists. We have been helped in setting up this project by, among
others, well-known Perl wizard Damian Conway.

A mailing list has been set up to co-ordinate activity. More
information on this, inclusing how to (un) subscribe, can be found at

http://lists.vipul.net/mailman/listinfo/anuvaad -- rather bare-bones
right now, but will be fleshed out soon.

If you would like to help out, please see the above URL. We are
looking for volunteers who fulfill the following requirements:

- - should be read and understand Perl documentation, and be able to
communicate it.
- - Perl coding experience not required, but is a plus.
- - Good knowledge of both English and Hindi

If this sounds like you, we'd be most interested in hearing from you.
Note that the Anuvaad list is more an 'action' list than a
'discussion' list - it is mainly to co-ordinate the activity
described above. There may be some pay involved for this activity,
but that is by no means certain at this point.

list archives: http://lists.vipul.net/pipermail/anuvaad/

on behalf of the Anuvaad team,

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