Re: Coercive Monopolies in Technical Markets (Intro)

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 23:44:01 PDT

> That's troublesome, because generally I like and agree with those
> guys. I buy Greenspan, Branden, Rand, etc. on their whole
> antitrust stand --- with respect to tangible-goods
> production-oriented business.

One side note: Greenspan, despite his status as a member of the
Collective, has never particularly struck me as a party-line
objectivist, more a hybrid classicist-objectivist. He's the closest
thing we've got in any position of influence, of course, and I tend
to stick with the objectivists when it suits my purposes. ;-) But I
do disagree with him as often as I agree, and more often than not the
disagreement is with what I take to be his latter-day, cooperating,
"reformed" viewpoint, and / or his inability to have the courage of
his convictions as he realized over the course of the 90s that
productivity was in fact increasing despite all evidence to the
contrary from the economic and econometric models du jour.


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