Mpeg4, was: Re: Coercive Monopolies in Technical Markets (Intro)

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Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 06:32:24 PDT

Tom WSMF wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Jeff Bone wrote:
> --]
> --]Other examples? I'm just getting warmed up on this, so I'll see what
> --]else I can come up with. (I'm thinking there may RIAA and MPAA
> --]examples that will be useful, but they're not really monopolies in a
> --]traditional sense. Rather there an example of a harmful collective /
> --]tribe.)
> --]
> IM not sure if this counts now, but for a while Real was making muscle
> plays as if they were the streaming/audio format MS.

Mpeg4, which I'm now working with on a short project, will open
streaming up and allow very cool compression techniques that play in a
standard way. It also integrates VRML (did you ever wonder where that
went?) and Java along with standardized 3D models of human faces and
bodies to allow for parametric motion. Parametric voice and video,
which are very similar in concept, are somewhat possible now and will
soon be pretty common. Very very cool that this stuff is being

MS and Real locks on these things will be short-lived I feel, after
getting to know the Mpeg4 community. They've managed to make the
example source code copyright a non-issue, but only for Mpeg4 conforming
products. Patents are being pooled, but they're always going to be a
licensing nightmare.

Mpeg4 specifies a model that allows interactive modes, including Real
style streaming, RTP, etc.

> Discuss.
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