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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 18:33:30 PDT

 Bring millions of people to your website each month with our,

               TUV (Targeted Unique Visitors) program.

Looking to increase your website traffic? Don't waste your money on
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Since this technology has become available brand name companies
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half the time to promote special time sensitive deals.

Our network currently delivers over 34.1 million unique surfers every
month to our advertisers. That is the equivalent of over 30% of all the people on the Internet.


Your traffic will be from key demographic areas that best fit your site to
insure the people that visit your site are qualified. These are not Impressions, these are Real Visitors!

All traffic is GUARANTEED!

There has not been a better way to advertise your product or service since the inception of television commercials.

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