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From: Rodent of Unusual Size (Ken.Coar@Golux.Com)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 09:17:44 PDT

As TRAVELMAN goes vicarious in front of a monster display,
CONSUMERMAN saddles his Rosinante and hauls out his TECO macro..

Sigh, time to vent after the latest windup from customer-service

I am looking for what is probably a specialty item: a titanium
pocket watch with a lid. So far I have contacted one of my
old jewelers and two presumably reputable watch companies (Bulova
and Tourneau), and the quality of response from the latter two
has me spitting nails. (Iron, not keratin.)

The jeweler was courteous and helpful, as they were when I was
not a thousand miles away. They could not answer my question
directly, but pointed me to Tourneau, so I surfed their site
and sent email when nothing showed up.

My emails to both Bulova and Tourneau were polite (and not
just by my standards ;-), asking if they made the sort of item
I sought or could help me locate it. Which makes their replies
all the more infuriating:

Bulova said, quite baldly, 'we do not produce that type of
watch.' Period. Tourneau replied with a Word document (!)
that said, 'thanks for writing; call this number to speak to
a sales rep for further info.' Further than what? I suppose
anything is greater than zero.. :-(

If these had been telephone calls 'monitored for quality,'
they would both have gotten resounding 'F's. At least from

Considering that the prices of their products are typically in
the hundreds of dollars, I would think a little better CS
would be appropriate.


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