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Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 11:14:52 PDT

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

--]And while CONSUMERMAN is teetering on his soapbox, wildly waving
--]his lantern, he observes that in his sole visit to Fry's all of
--]the staff were actually helpful, and checkout was speedy. On a

I dont knwo about the Frys you go to , but the gloss and happiness I once
held for Frys is now almopst all but gone. Why?

Over the last 6 months the Frys in Oregon has become the bastion of what I
can only think of as a migration from Shit Shack (tm). The sales help ios
dreadfull. A friend of mine went in , on my reconmendation, to pick up a
new mobo and cpu. The mobo they told him was the best for the chip they
talked him into was rated one of the worst at Tom' Hardware. I went back
and they sputtered and spewed and finaly i got it out of one tech that it
was a mobo they had a lot of and where trying to push. cpu and mobo

The selection has also been taking a nose dive. On a recent outing to get
a new Grfx card frys offred me three choices. Three????

Often times I like to preshop a place via a web site. Frys have a web site
yet? Pull the other one. None, well other then the hawk to buy thier DSL

The software prices are also less than exciting in the last year.
I get better CDr prices at the Best Buys near my house.

So the end result is I am doing most of my ourchaes in a local mom and pop
store that has grown in the last four years. They are very savy
competitors and the kids working the coutner are techheads. You dont hear
them push some knock off board over a ABit because they need to push
inventory. They also have a really good spread of stuff. And web site

There are some things the Frys here in oregon still has a lead on. They
caryy some cool gizmos, they stock electronics kits, they occasionaly have
good buys(but not great anymore), and they are right next door to
Bullwinkles(im training my kid in the fine art of video games and laser

Look local if you can though, Fry is looking pretty Burnt.

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