Re: CS rant du jour

From: Joseph S Barrera III (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 10:27:46 PDT

Also sprach Rodent of Unusual Size:
> Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> >
> > Which Fry's?
> Um.. somewhere between Santa Clara and Cupertino. Recently moved
> to a new (?) location a few hundred metres farther away from the
> main roadway.

Oh, okay, so this is the "bettter" one, as opposed to the Palo Alto
one that I usually go to (since I live North of both). Actually, I
usually either order from PCConnection, or, if I need it in the next
hour, I just drive to the CompUSA nearby.

I was happy last year, during my visit to England, to discover that
they have PCConnection clones there. I was able to buy a cheap English
modem that understood the English phone system (dial tone and dialing
and such) in a way that my laptop's built-in modem was not.

- Joe

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