Meat genes in a green jeans world

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 14:01:17 PDT

So since im picking on wired stories to pass on to fork (oh please some
one bitch about that) I found this interesting sotry as I was munch on
some of my newly created TVPlicious saucy meat balls. (and stop that
gigiling back there, i heard that.)<insert a picture of a fingering waging

 There's a Fly Gene in My Soup by Manu Joseph 2:00 a.m. Apr. 16, 2001 PDT
 MUMBAI, India -- Concerns over genetically modified food aren't new, but
in India they've taken a different twist. Over half the population, or
about 500 million people, are purely vegetarian. Therefore the transfer of
animal genes into plants has raised an issue that could seriously ruin the
chances of this country embracing biotechnology in the near future.,1284,42996,00.html

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