[Fwd: Autoreponder problems!]

From: Jeff Bone (jbone@jump.net)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 09:05:51 PDT

attached mail follows:

Tim, the problem is that the list in question is multihomed, we're not sure
where the user is registered through and some of the list servers aren't
under our control. Net-net, we can't remove him. So I'm just going to
forward all the bounce messages to you until he's taken care of, just so you
can remain in the loop.



Tim Robison wrote:

> This domain no longer has an e-mail address at "efk@trustypocket.com"
> Iwould suggest removing him from the list. He has been notified about the
> RFC.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> On 4/13/01, 8:36:37 PM, Jeff Bone <jbone@jump.net> wrote regarding
> Autoreponder problems!:
> > To anybody @ trustypocket.com:
> > First of all: postmaster@trustypocket.com generates an
> > autoresponse. That should not happen; postmaster@domain is required
> > by RFC822 to be valid and, presumably, be answered by a human being
> > in the case of e-mail issues with the domain.
> > Second: you have a user, efk@trustypocket.com, who subscribed to a
> > high-volume mailing list and promptly set up an autoresponder which
> > generates the message "This is an autoresponder. I'll never see your
> > message." in reply to any posting. Please have this user disable
> > this autoresponder immediately or take whatever other action is
> > necessary to resolve this problem.
> > Thanks,
> > jb

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