Re: [Fwd: Autoreponder problems!]

From: Chuck Murcko (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 11:56:36 PDT

On Tuesday, April 17, 2001, at 02:40 PM, Joseph S Barrera III wrote:

> Also sprach Chuck Murcko:
>> That settles it, then. We'll just have to nuke the server. And maybe
>> the
>> town it's in.
> Well, although that would be fun, I think it would be simpler if a
> conscious human being, such as myself, were to actually ADMINISTER the
> FoRK list so that we could do the OBVIOUS thing and remove
> trustypocket from the list.
Yeah, it's just a one rule sort of thing.

> - Joe
> P.S. Have you ever considered the benefits of dick reduction surgery?

Was referring to an old Harley sig from the FAQ. Rob Harley (my FoRK
hero) was actually the one that sucked me in with his ECDL factoring. 8^)

Sorry, bad try at a smiley there.

Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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