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Ladies and Gentlemen Ladies and Gentlemen!

Take advantage of your future potential!

Please, imagine that you own a PC with the possibility to receive data from the future in an eligible distance to the present.

What's the meaning of this? We give you an example:

Let's say you are the head of a biotechnological research team and you are provided with the required means and the potential to invent a vaccine for Aids, but you have to expect a research effort of approximately 10 years!

You just have to start seriously with your research through the time slot-based technology to plan feeding daily your research results into your time slot-PC and at the next moment you can already download your research results from the future by the time slot-PC which normally can be received only after 10 years.

Already after saving the data you can complete and sell your research or start with a further research basing on the new level of knowledge, enabling you to make progress within a few days, which is taking 100 years or more without time slot-technology.

Here it gets clear what really means the realisation of the further down mentioned time slot-technology and what we will approach as far as technology, high technology, biotechnology, software engineering, PC-work and so forth are concerned.

Therefore only the users of the time slot-technology will be the future winners or who has missed the boat falls by the wayside.

For this reason the development and independent creation of a time slot should come first for every physicist, research institute or enterprise. Technical descriptions, as mentioned below, are circulating increasingly and it would be reasonable to yield precedence to labs with the required equipment.

Physical description:

In July 2000 the periodical "nature, profil" and other journals published the following experiment of the physicist Lijun L. Wang of the Nec Research Institute Princeton (NJ):

a) A pulsating laser beam is sent and strikes at first on a beam splitter which directs a part of the beam to a detector.

b) Afterwards the beam speeds through a translucent Caesiumgas chamber (2.364 in long). Due to the special characteristics of the gas the beam is transmitted with super light speed.

c) After that a second detector remeasures.

Result: the beam exits the Caesiumgas chamber 0,000000062 seconds before his enter.

This experiment proves scientifically that matter on atomic level exists in interacting lapses of varying speed. In the used Caesiumgas the beam is transmitted about 300 times faster and in water for about 30% slower than in vacuum. Consequently the speed of light depends on the relative time-influencing medium in which the beam passes. In consideration of these facts many characteristics of measurable radioactive matter, as radioactive decay, radiation, effects on organic matter up to the A-bomb are self-explaining as extreme examples.

How works the time slot:

In the experiment of Mr. Lijun L. Wang the pulsating laser beam changes during the contact to the Caesiumgas to the faster atomic course of the Caesiumgas by adapting the photon density and frequency of a pulsating laser beam to the atomic density and jump frequency of the Caesiumgas. According to this, seen from outside of the Caesiumgas, it seems that super light speed is created. If the created time difference is expressed in light speed, it corresponds to more than three hundred times of light speed.

Thus makes clear why the photon density and frequency of the pulsating laser beam can only be accelerated and transmitted in compliance with atom density and jump frequency of the Caesiumgas and data can only be transmitted by a different number and length each of ultra short pulsating laser pulses with intervals, as Morse code on laser base (laser morse beam).

Model 1)

To increase again and again the laser morse pulses in intervals and to send it on to the present, it is required to gain about 0,01 seconds in time. This gain in time can be made by adequate long contact of the laser morse pulses - intervals to the Caesiumgas in the Caesiumgas Mirror chamber in accordance with Model 1). For the relevant increase and the repeated sending of the laser morse pulses - intervals, from the future to the present, remain about 0,005 seconds at a time with the same gain in time.

Which program is required:

The PC is programmed as a video tape recorder so that at the intended time in the future data can be sent through ultra short laser morse pulses in intervals to the present, e.g. by means of a fast DVD - writing laser, but only if at the same time no laser morse pulse is transmitted.

1) By programming in the present a laser morse pulses - interval is sent in the future.

2) The same laser morse pulses - interval is sent as long through the Caesiumgas Mirror chamber and is again increased as it reaches us from the future (declining in time) in the present.

3) The laser morse pulses - interval is cleared after the readout and the data is saved.

4) Only after saving the data you are enabled to send the next, beginning before the last laser morse pulses - interval from the future by an automatic change of the programming of the PC in the present.

The maximum length of a single laser morse pulses - interval at the creation of a time slot according to Model 1) amounts to: approx. 1.641.000 yd

If the laser morse pulses - intervals are longer their top and end overlap each other and so they are transmitted incompletely.

Which information can be received from the future is already specified in the present provided that all time slot - components still work in the future, the incoming laser morse pulses - intervals increase automatically and repeatedly, the type of data in the future is compatible and no power and system failure are recognisable.

As a result you can permanently receive the expected data from the future in the selected distance to the present and you can e.g. browse in the net of the future.

The idea of the time slot-technology has been created to predict and avoid events as:

Calamities, climate changes, accidents, crime, the acceleration of important technological and medical research, as well as long-term studies made in advance of the application of new drugs or the release of genetically manipulated plants for food, etc. In form of diary-services time slots could be available for money to private users in the Internet, that means a nearby inexhaustible source of money.

To cancel unexpected developments of the time slot-technology, a new future can be created through changes in the past by a drive system that works without mass loss and which accelerates in the space to super light speed.

It has already been proved in experiments that time moves backwards, if we move faster than the light.

With the following drive system you can accelerate without mass loss:

In Model 2) you can see in a very simple, mechanically represented, way the principle of the system of the centrifugal force drive.

After the centrifugal force increased at the square speed (of rotation), light speed can be reached, as well as exceeded and other stars or earlier time phases can be reached by the means of a spaceship with appropriate instrumentation, an electric drive on supraconductor base, the mini Helium 3 reactor of Mr. Gerald Kulcinsky and the system of the centrifugal force drive.

To increase the efficiency, in a future construction the driving masses should be driven by supra -conducting magnet coils in huge electromagnetic connected and overlapping circular paths and should be kept together in the required positions. The principle of the system still remains the same as represented in Model 2).

To reach the largest possible radius, the driving circles should be located in the outermost circle of the spaceship, that also explains why UFO's were often described as round and flat disks.

Model 2)

If 4 pendulums, as represented in Model 2), are kept in contrarotating circular paths so that their centrifugal and accelerating forces cancel each other out, 2 x 2 contrarotating main force directions are created.

If 2 pendulums at a time, without changing the circular paths, at the moment of the forwards or backwards directed occurrence of the forces are moved against the acceleration direction and at the moment of the lateral occurrence of the forces are moved backwards again, the driving system and the life load incidental thereto, according to the difference in forces, are accelerated forwards by these movements.


At a time when the first visionaries stated that the Earth is no disk, but round, they were smiled at and ignored. If we state that the time doesn't stop at the present, but that the future is made from thoughts, ambitions and activities and can be used with the aid of the time slot-technology and to put the entire potential of humanity in hand, so will we also be smiled at and nobody will believe us?

It won't be difficult to start to criticise, therefore we ask you to develop and improve suggestion, you will improve more than you can imagine today.

We hope you can take advantage of the above-mentioned descriptions, otherwise please pass them to the appropriate place or person.

(The author and the above-mentioned persons are not responsible for possible actions and consequences based on this representations.)




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