RE: Fed cuts rates 0.50 bps

From: Adam Rifkin (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 18:32:27 PDT

Jeff wrote:
> We gotta take a hard stand against the ooh-scary boogeyman,
> inflation. Even when he doesn't exist. :-(

Inflation of housing prices exists, right?

> The only solution to that is to cause a major recession / mild
> depression in order to bring the real economy in line with
> the one predicted by the econometric models, which have no
> place for increasing returns, network effects, or
> productivity increases not based on tangible-good
> production-based metrics.

I thought "recession" and "depression" were defined in terms of
negative growth. We haven't had that yet as an economy, right?

Also, as far as I can tell unemployment has not really changed
at all during all these interest rate increases and decreases.

So we're not actually in a recession, right?


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