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From: Joseph S Barrera III (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 01:26:56 PDT

Also sprach Eugene Leitl:
> On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Tom WSMF wrote:
> > ()html
> > ()text
> > ()dont alter
> 1) There's no egroups anymore. There's only

I've been letting that slide. yahoogroups is kinda long to say.
Sometimes I've been using "ygroups".

> 2) There are only _two_ choices:
> ( ) convert plain-text email sent to me to HTML mail
> ( ) don't change the format of email sent to me

If *only* there were a

> ( ) convert HTML mail sent to me to plain-text email

option!!! But they wouldn't do that, because they really want you to
read HTML email so that you get the big banner add at the bottom of
every message, along with the clear-pixel-sniffing so that the
broadbase/kana sniffer can detect that you viewed the add and
increment a counter. Gee, it would be good if you had a cluster of
machines to handle the response/sniffing, for higher availability.
... wait, I'm not here to talk about work. Not in this post, at least.

- Joe

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