Re: Here's another reason to avoid yahoogroups

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 12:07:22 PDT

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Joseph S Barrera III wrote:

--]So Tom, I do use yahoogroups for several lists, but mostly for
--]civilians who don't understand how to use majordomo and need a GUI for
--]subbing and unsubbing and so forth. Not that yahoogroup's interface is
--]good -- parts of it are severely confusing.

I got a couple of hundred people to admin for the OTree thing. Most of
these folks are dogs who will never learn new trick. SOme are. Some have
taken the stuff form the yahoo groups like the Database, the Calander, and
the Polls sections and have turned them into groupware/data share
management tools. Not the best, but it works and a couple of hundred users
can actualy use it.

What other stable big presecnce system could I use that has the ability
to do not just mail but shared database areas, pools, some simple file
sharring and a common gui for users to admin themselves and amdins to get
things done quickly? Name it and the reasons why its better and Ill look
at it. Im all for expanding.

For getting hordes of people at differnt tech skill levels togther its
damn cool. If I had a zpoe server online with a good uptime machine I
could do 100% better with 100% less privacy security issues. I dont lack
the talent, I lack the resources. Anyone want to host me, im all for it.

Privacy and securty issues, these are mostly gotten around by not using a
html based mail reader, making up psuedo yahoo ids, using things like
webwasher, and a dassh of common sense. Yea yahoo is prone to stupid
sshit, as are most free hosting services. If your hosting on something
other than your own system its pretty much compromised from the get go.

Now that we got some one awalking around with Admin powers whos around
alot I dont think there is a need for Fork to move to YahooGroups or
anything else. The only thing broken here was getting bouncers and
responders kicked off the mains.

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