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I knew Phil way back when we lived in the same dorm at MIT. He was an arrogant nerd back then, but overall, a decent (honest, hardworking) person. He was occassionally able to admit that other people might know more than he did about a subject, but he tended to approach many problems with the classic MIT attitude that experience counts for a lot less than raw brain power.

[One of the MIT Media Lab professors said that their primary advantage over other ecommerce research groups was that they didn't know much about the subject. Oddly, the statement went over well with their industrial sponsors.]


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ArsDigita CEO & VCs Sue Philip Greenspun

RM writes "ArsDigita, its CEO Allan Shaheen and the venture capitalists who
took over ArsDigita Corp., the company that had everything to be the coolest
company on earth, are sueing Philip Greenspun and two other co-founders of
ArsDigita (Eve Anderson and Tracy Adams). The lawsuit was mentioned in this
post to Philip Greenspun's site. Since the VCs took over ArsDigita, many of
their best developers and staff have left the company or been fired, and now
they are sueing their own co-founders, who gave the company its vision
(which seems to be going down the tubes) and the profitability it always
had. Sad, really sad."

Two comments:

1. (replace-string "Philip Greenspun" "Rohit Khare") ?? :-)

2. Some seriously deep dish in the posts -- they start getting good about
1/2 way down the list of posts.

- Jim

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