Re: Former Yahoo CEO 'Outed' As eBay User

Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 22:51:36 PDT

"Jeff Barr" <> writes:
> So much for practicing what you preach:
> . . .
> Just ask "virginiadude."
> That's the eBay username of former Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle, who last week was
> "outed" by the Washington Post as an eBay user--meaning that Koogle, 49,
> likes to shop on the online auction leader's site.
> According to the Post, after stepping down as Yahoo's CEO on March 7 (right
> after the company posted poor revenues), Koogle bought several items on
> eBay, including an Aston Martin for $130,000, a black Versace leather wallet
> for $154.59, and more.

I've heard eBay has relatively strict rules restricting its employees'
use of its auction service, presumably for conflict-of-interest
reasons. Perhaps Yahoo looks askance at such things too? Perhaps
Koogle does, even if Yahoo doesn't?

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