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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 09:34:23 PDT

Drawing conclusions from reading between the LinuxGram lines:

Completely off the charts for embedded operating systems, small Linux
looks like it's going to make a big splash. Wind River, the largest
operating system company in the world in terms of platforms and
deployments (not Microsoft) is lining up behind BSDi as VxWorks
has some inadequacies. Wind River claims that in the embedded world,
GPL is something to be afraid of since it requires code changes
to go back to the community in a community where small code changes
mean dinstinct competitive advantages.

In another fell swoop, Slackware, a software asset of BSDi who
publishes the stuff, has fallen off the map. Wind River seems that
they will be pursuing an open source OS model that doesn't include
Linux. The current slackware layofees are rumored to be looking
to build a startup, but currently they only have enough dosh to
release a new 2.4.x kernel, and Slackware 7.2 is still in beta. Red
Hat is officially only out with the 7.1 code/2.4 kernel & has
the 7.0 compiler issues resolved. So what's new? SMP on Intel
platforms, 32 processor support, 64GB physical RAM, limitless virtual
memory, USB, accelerated 3D cards, all things that I hope to have
in my desktop next year, although truthfully I'd like 32 kernels
running on my beefy 32 processor desktop.


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