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From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 10:57:10 PDT

On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]The beautiful thing about our chatty and inherently buggy encoding scheme is
--]that those errors are themselves the drivers of biological progress over
--]evolutionary time. An error-free encoding scheme would be an evolutionary

I agree 100%. AS yall can tell im no fan of "clean bean well thought out
overly planned tight formation doced to the max white papered and
pondered" method. Im more of a seat of the pants flyer.

One of the things I think will freak out and make the genetic manipulators
muchly isthe totoaly tiny fraction of this simple yet complex code. Tweek
a pair there and get Vincet Price's The FLy..tweek s pair there and get
the Uber Frau of your dreams, only shes sterile and implodes into green
goo if you touch her.

Things are going to get whacky quick, and the control freaks are goingto
fall over with anuerisms of fustration that things they cant control are
being monkeyed with. And yes here will be some amazingly dangerous
consequences to face with all this.

--]information encoded in your genome as a *banana.* (So does everybody on FoRK.

We are star stuff
connected and the same
and toatly differnt
I am you as you are he as he is me as we are all togther


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