Re: wiring / wireless

Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 15:19:01 PDT

Michael Sippey wrote:

> - network cabling, or 802.11b?

GBit Ethernet capable copper. Fiber, if you can make it.
> - phone wiring, or all cordless?

Depending on the building, cordless. Copper otherwise.
> - speakers?

Active speakers with digital audio in, possibly optical. Cu
will do nicely, though.
> - cable tv?

TV? What's that?
> the open floor plan means fewer accessible walls for jacks, but the
> crawlspace underneath is decent, so we could come up through the floor.
> if you were building a home from scratch, what would you do?

False floors, of course. At least hollow walls, with lots of cable

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