Re: recycled rant from another list

Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 15:43:46 PDT

One of the nicer things of a stack CPU (private stack and (small)
private address space) dedicated to running OS things is not only
zero cost context switch to OS, but also immunity to overrun nastyness.

Of course it's mostly C-type languages which suffer from stack
frame overruns. Time to resurrect stack languages... wrote:
> There are several. StackGuard is the most practical; it catches the
> particular kind of buffer overrun that is easiest to exploit --- the
> stack buffer overrun that overwrites the return address. Electric
> Fence catches another set at a substantial performance and memory
> cost. Greg McGary's bounds-checking version of gcc should
> theoretically catch all buffer overflows, but its output is still too
> slow for production use.

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