Re: Evolution being slow ...

From: James Tauber (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 20:53:12 PDT

> > At one end of the spectrum (the 'micro' end) it can just mean a shift in
> > gene pool's proportions due to some genes favouring survival (ie natural
> > selection / survival of the fittest)
> > At the other end (the 'macro' end) it can mean the origin of all species
> > from primordial soup.
> >
> > Completely different things (although the latter relies on the mechanism
> > the former)
> What makes them differerent?

Timescale for one. The former might happen in 10 years, the latter in 1
billion years.

> I thought that speciation was made up of
> the gradual changes, and that there weren't always objective lines
> between species, anyway, just subjective ones.

Right, but just because there's a spectrum doesn't mean each end of the
spectrum isn't completely different.


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