Re: Stick a FoRK in it: Bitzi

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 21:59:47 PDT

WEll I and another OTR addict have been stuffing Btzi with show
information. We are still sifting thru results and the like, but so far we
are real happy with what we see up there.

Some things wed love to find out how to do , or add.

--getting listings back out of bitzi (xml, csv, tables, etc)

--]That's an ideal application -- and one that sounds like it could
--]deserve its own tagtype, say "Radio Broadcast", with fields like:

Yep, this is one thing we were thinking, that is getting some Radio
Broadcast tags.

Most of the OTR collectors would probably agree on

---series name (ex The Goon Show)
---show name (ex Forog)
---date (org bcasted) (ex 12-21-1954)
---network (ex BBC)
---Show Description

We love the collaborative nature of this set up. Very cool and very easy
to see who has what and the quality of it, as well as peer reviewing

Thats it so far. I got 728 bitprints worth of OTR entered (all of the
goons, x minus one, dim x, green nornet, mel blank and assorted others)
plus some 3 stooges avis.

More as I do it:)-

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