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Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 01:03:35 PDT

CAN WE TALK? About your INK Cartridge dependency? Did you know that most Computer printer manufacturers sell you their printers at discount prices? This is to get you to purchase their ink jet cartridges. They know the purchase of their printer is a one-time sale, but that your printer cartridges are a consumable, and that you'll be purchasing them over & over again. Never refilled before? Have questions? Need answers? Call us we can help. 1-800-346-5421 Tired of paying $20, $30, $40 or even $50 for inkjet cartridges? Tired of your printer running out of ink AGAIN? Tired of running from store to store looking for the right cartridge? Tired of having to wait until morning to get your printer working? ITS NOT YOUR FAULT, THERE IS A SOULTION!!!!!!!!!! Throwing away a cartridge when you run out of ink is like throwing away your car when you run out of gas! Don't throw your CASH in the trash! It doesn't matter what type of inkjet printer you have, the refill kit works on any Printer, any brand, any color. You'll receive all the ink & tools you need to refill your inkjet Cartridge. (Up to 10 times) It is fast, simple and easy to use. Your Refill Kit includes: 1 bottle of black ink. 1bottle of magenta ink 1 bottle of cyan ink 1 bottle of yellow ink All the tools you need A detailed instruction booklet Tutorial CD A toll free 800# for your use with live 24 hour per day 5 day per week Technical assistance All this for only $29.95+ S&H Be one of the first 100 orders in this promotion & receive a free bonus Bottle of black ink ABSOLUTELY FREE 1-800-346-5421 Our friendly order line representatives are available 24 hours per day 7 Days per week for your convenience. Your REFILL KIT comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Bonus Pack # 1 5 - Black ink refills 1 - Head Cleaner Additional $ 19.95 Bonus Pack # 2 2 - magenta 2- cyan 2- yellow Additional $ 19.95 1-800-346-5421

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