Re: RBL for spam filtering

From: Justin Mason (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 06:14:10 PDT

Joseph S Barrera III said:

> Any thoughts on using RBL for spam filtering on FoRK?

I've been hacking recently on a spam filter in perl, based on the system I
use myself. Pre-alpha code at .

The spammers seem to be moving too quickly for the RBL nowadays. Out of
517 messages I've been spammed with since the start of the year, only 7
were in the RBL; that's 1.3%.

The open-relays list is a bit more successful, at 37% of spams hitting
that rule. But it's more prone to friendly fire.

Mind you, I've been using, and I've just noticed that
the current MAPS RBL seems to live at Maybe
the zone is no longer updated, in which case I should go
stick my head in a brown bag.


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