Re: ATA/100 disk storage cost within 3x of blank CDs

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 21:01:58 PDT

Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> Well, almost 3x.
> >From PCConnection, you can buy a 60GB WD ATA/100 disk for $185, or a
> 50-pack (no jewel cases) of blank CDs for $30. That works out to:
> 60 GB for $185 is $3.08/GB
> 50 x 650 MB for $30 is $0.95/GB
> It wasn't THAT long ago that disks were $1/MB... I was at Microsoft
> already, pricing disks for a video-on-demand system. And here we are,
> approaching $1/GB. Gosh golly.
> - Joe

We're rapidly approaching interesting 'limits'. Besides disk storage:

Cheap ram: 256MB for $47. That's 1GB for $200 and 4GB (the complete
32bit address range!) for $800, in single quantities. Of course,
amazingly, Linux can now use 36GB on 32-bit Intel systems. You can buy
such a system now. (How much can Win2K use on Intel-32? Without going

Digital Camera resolution: 4.1Megapixel cameras are out now. Two more
doublings and they will have totally surpassed film, and the degree of
stillness needed to focus in any handheld situation.

Bandwidth: Cogent supposedly sells 1Gb Internet feeds for $10,000/mo.
Based on recent history, in 5-10 years that should be available for
$100-200/mo. to at least some homes.

Solar power costs are coming down to small multiples of standard power.
(With what amortization?)

Nuclear power is making a comeback (I always thought that pebble bed
reactors were the coolest thing.)


The next few years should be even more interesting. Think people will
be scared away from the next boomlets?


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