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Carrying on the theme from Jim Whitehead's fwd, some very disturbing bits
for your delectation... urgh.


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Subject: New robot Fido doubles as a Dildo


Japan Today | 24 April 2001

New robot Fido doubles as a Dildo

Mark Schreiber

In 1999, Sony startled the toy industry when it introduced "AIBO
ERS-100," the world's first robot pet with artificial intelligence.
(AIBO means "companion" in Japanese, but is also an acronym for
Artificial Intelligence roBOt.)

Sony's cyber-mutt was really an amazing little gadget; it incorporated
a 64-bit RISC processor, 18 specialized motors, and removable memory
storage. Even at the heady price of US$2,500, the first lot of 5,000
units sold out within minutes on the Internet and Sony has since moved
to producing over 40,000 units.

AIBO was soon to spawn a host of low-priced and less-sophisticated
imitators, which, depending on the model, entertain with such antics
as barking, tail wagging and shaking paws.

>From here, it was only a matter of time before it occurred to someone
in Japan that the product could be modified for use as a sex aid.
Weekly magazine Shukan Jitsuwa (4/26) reports that Angel Heartz, a
purveyor of raunchy gadgetry in Nagoya's Midori-ku, has recently begun
allowing customers who visit the store to take a crack at its "Robot

Vibe-inu, which responds to orders from its master to "come" and
"stay," is built on the chassis of a basic cyber pet (of a brand not
mentioned). The techno-pooch in any case appears to be of mixed breed,
although from its nose, one's would guess one of its parents was a
cyber-collie. To wit, the elongated object that serves as the
creature's proboscis is none other than a battery powered sex aid that
buzzes and rotates when activated.

In addition to the retail shop, Angel Heartz features a room in the
back, which it makes available to "members"--amorous couples who
can cavort with Vibe-inu and other assorted paraphernalia for a flat
fee of 3,000 yen. The couples, up to five of whom are said to avail
themselves of the room each day, are advised to be inclined toward
exhibitionism, and on the opposite side of a two-way mirror is another
room rented out to single men who pay to watch Vibe-inu in the action
at the rate of 4,000 yen per hour.

Comfortably seated behind the two-way mirror, Shukan Jitsuwa's
reporter describes a young woman in her early twenties, obviously fond
of animals, who beckons Vibe-inu to snuggle on her, er, lap and burrow
in. Soon she is emitting purrs of delight.

"Gee, what an obedient pet," the reporter concludes. "I can hardly
wait to see what the next generation model will be able to do."

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