Hi! I'm Jason Axtell

From: Jason Axtell (jason@privacyright.com)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 16:04:08 PDT

Hey FoRK,

My name's Jason Axtell, and I'm not used to introducing myself in mailing
lists. But, it's a cool idea, so here we go.

I am a software engineer two years out of college (UC Berkeley, Go Bears!)
and working at a start-up company making enterprise privacy infrastructure
software. I am not myself entirely sure what that means, but it is the best
description of our product that I can think of.

I have a continuing interest in the impact of technology on society and
society on technology; and, I think it's fun to watch the great American
media conglomerate alternate between over-hyping new tech and
scare-mongering it. I also like to play sax and go backpacking.

OK, that's probably enough for an introduction. As I understand it, now I'm
in for a little teasing. Very well. Bring it on!


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