How to Get Old Time Radio MP3 on CD for FREE

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 12:22:51 PDT

The amount of OTR being sold on ebay that is being done by OTree members
got me slightly peeved off this morning. One guy sold our dragnet
collection, complete with the OTree volume number on the picture of the
cd, for 40 bucks.

SO this was my response.

"Its now time for you to unlock the secrets that hundreds of
Old Time Radio collectors have been using for years to grow thier
collections to staggering heights all for little or no cost.

What you are bidding on is a very very small booklette with some basic
information on how to collect Old Time Radio shows for no more than the
cost of postage and some blank cds. Please bid wisely."

I then go on to list the contents of the small booklette, basicaly telling
htem how to get on the OTree.

"give it away give it away give it away give it away
now i cant tell if im a kingpin or a pauper " rhcp

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