Re: SEX WAREZ FREE MP3 BUNGHOLIORe: Joseph S. Barrera III vs. 'Google & The FoRK Effect versus Gxxxxx Mxxx'

From: Gxxxxx Mxxx (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 15:00:51 PDT

> Oh get off it, or get off on it. Sex , great hot steam wet sex with young
> wild free teens , will always cum out with the great FoRK effect. Web WAP
> DAV C C++ VB Code Source all may have thier place in the SUN , be the
> Apple of our eyes and be the cash cow of MS Microsoft but it is the Free
> Hot Wet Teen Sex links that will draw those in from the farthert out of
> the circle into the halo of the greatl Low Tupac SkeeLo De La Soul Public
> Enemy Britney Spears listening folks.

All the spam-words are spelled correctly; the odds of that
happening by chance in a TomWhore post are trillions-to-one.

- You Know

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