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Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 05:55:36 PDT

To be fair, there are many other ways to crack a site other than simple
defacements. Most hard-core crackers aren't interested in defacing a site
or even compromising a web server. Most companies avoid reporting
intrusions/server compromises making it difficult (if not impossible) to
determine the extent of damage.

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At 06:25 AM 04/27/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> "To date, hackers already have unlawfully defaced a number of
>U.S. web sites, replacing existing content with pro-Chinese or
>anti-U.S. rhetoric. In addition, the NIPC previously reported on an
>Internet worm named "Lion" that is infecting computers and installing
>distributed denial of service (DDOS) tools on various systems.
>Analysis of the Lion worm's source code reveals that, when illegally
>exploited, it sends password files from the victim site to an email
>address located in China. For more information on the Lion DDOS tool,
>refer to NIPC Advisory 01-005.

Oh for crying out loud. I really hope it wasn't the NIPC that reported all
the Chinese defacements.If you look at the stats, China has been getting
slammed themselves of late[1]. The interesting thing is that China has
already been claiming[2] to be attacking American sites yet we[3] as well
as other[4] defacement mirrors[5] have not seen the huge amount of hacked
Web sites China is claiming. (Personally, I haven't seen ANY) And we mirror
almost all defacements[6] short of dialups, mail servers and sites that
didn't have a Web server to begin with.

So the claims of Chinese hackers that the US govt NOT reporting defacements
is a load of crap. They rely on Attrition and other defacement sites to
report it for them and the Chinese are certainly not letting us know- it's
not like we're some deep dark secret.


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