Wayne Baisley vs. "NSI's latest scurrilousity"

From: Wayne E Baisley (wbaisley@enspherics.com)
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 08:33:01 PDT

> > So has anyone else had the experience of running whois
> > for a promising domain name, then waiting a day or two
> > to reguister it, only to find that against tremendous
> > odds someone else magically decided to grab it?
> This happened numerous times to me.

My one datapoint is a counterexample (with which one can prove anything,
natcherly). I recently registered realdoofus.com, after hemming and
hawing over it for about 9 months, and checking on it numerous times,
including maybe 3 times in the week preceding.

Clearly, there must not be a recognizable market for realdoofus (other
than someone's scurrilous ego promotion), or it would have been long
gone. I was surprised to get it. BTW, realdoofus.tv and realdoctor.tv
are still available. Feel free to snatch them away from me. I'll
invest a penny now and buy them from you in 10**30 years.

Wayne (eventually to become not@realdoofus.com)

Cuz I'm realdoofus, yet not a realdoofus
all you other doofuses are just imitating
so won't the unrealdoofus please sign up please sign up

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