Re: Redland: an RDF application framework

From: James Tauber (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 07:22:22 PDT

See also Redfoot, which is going further in the areas of P2P and building
web applications.

Redfoot is a framework for distributed RDF-based applications, written in
Python. It includes an RDF database, a query API for RDF with numerous
higher-level query functions, an RDF parser and serializer, a simple HTTP
server providing a Web interface for viewing and editing RDF, and the
beginnings of a peer-to-peer architecture for communication between
different RDF databases.

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Subject: Redland: an RDF application framework

> Redland is a library that provides a high-level interface for RDF allowing
> the model to be stored, queried and manipulated. Redland implements each
> the RDF model concepts in its own class so provides an object based API
> them. Some of the classes providing the parsers, storage mechanisms and
> other elements are built as modules that can be added or removed as
> required.
> - Jim

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