[ADMIN] Mailman or majordomo?

From: Joseph S Barrera III (joe@barrera.org)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 10:56:45 PDT

As you all know, sendmail, especially as used for mailing list
maintenance, sucks so hard that it has actually caused a worrisome
decrease in the world's atmospheric pressure. Accordingly there is a
need to fork to move to some decent mailing list software. But the
question is: *which* software?

I would lean toward majordomo because everyone already knows how to
sub/unsub/etc from a majordomo list. I don't know anything about
Mailman except (1) it's gnu-pure (2) it looks easier to build.
Maybe Mailman can emulate majordomo's interface?

At any rate, does anyone have thoughts for choosing one over the other?

In other news, I redid the archives for 2001 so that each month has
its own folder. I apologize for the links that that breaks... but it
was just a big old mess. In fact the mbox for "february" (+march+april+...)
was too big to use emacs on. I had to split it using grep, head,
and tail. (BTW are there emacs-like editors out there that DON'T try
to read the whole g.d damned file into memory? What a stupid design.)

What else? Oh, so Rohit has this hosted machine somewhere that I'm
actually working on moving everything to, if for no other reason than
that it's running a modern operating system (Debian Linux 2.2.17),
which means that I can build stuff on it without obscure errors.
(As opposed to xent.com, where bash won't event build without tweaking.)
Unfortunately its DNS story is munged up; it thinks it's
lair.xent.com, but it's not. For now its only true name is

As a transitional plan, I'm thinking of setting up majordomo/mailman
on, and changing the fork/fork-noarchive aliases on
xent.com to just forward to the lists on Then at some
point we can change the DNS entries so that really is
xent.com and lair.xent.com.

- Joe

P.S. I'm planning by default to allowing only members of FoRK to post
to the list -- that alone should cut down on a lot of spam.

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