Re: Lisp, the secret weapon.

Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 04:16:05 PDT

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:

> Could be... but in functional languages, there are a lot of
> optimizations that you can perform, to the point where in
> some cases, compiled functional code can be much faster than
> C/C++.

Just checking, we all here are aware of
(since the original
is down) and

> For that matter, I wrote a SECDR machine a long time ago, and
> the interpreter is so tiny is *easily* fits in CPU caches, so
> it is really, really fast. I bet it'd eat most JAVA VMs for
> lunch, even with a JIT.
> That kinds of reminds me of FORTH... but that's probably
> another thread ;-)

A modern MISC Forth CPU will easily fit into an FPGA.
In fact it does, I've seen VHDL versions of functional
CPUs making the rounds on a few mailing lists.
In case any of you have not been tracking what Chuck has
been doing in the last half decade, have a gander at:

Forth *might* come back, through the following pathways:

* embedded RAM CPUs cum networking (if all you got is a few MBit
  RAM, you'd want to use a CPU which won't take more than 20 k
  transistors, and which runs very tight (threaded) code)

* FPGAs and printable hardware (i.e. where you print functional
  circuits using an inkjet with polymer and semiconductor inks)

* nanotechnology (it would be nice to design a MISC CPU
  in a cube full of bucky transistors)

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